Production: Kirli Kedi
Producer: Raif İnan
Director: Sandullah Şentürk
Vfx Work: Visual Effect
Âkif is a 2021 Turkish movie that tells the story of the writing of the National Anthem. It attracts attention with its stunning visual effects. The vehicles in the movie’s scenes are brought to life with detailed models that have the characteristic features of that period. In an impressive scene, the British Navy is created entirely in a computer environment, offering a realistic experience to the viewers. Buildings, especially the Galata Tower, location extensions, and items that do not belong to the period are carefully modeled with CGI technology to complete the movie’s atmosphere. Thanks to the detailed works of the period, it is ensured that the viewers feel the sense of time and space in the movie at the highest level. The visual effects are designed by a professional team following the story and history of the movie.