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Production: Güzel Adamlar Medya
Producer: Oktay Kaynarca
Director: Onur Tan, Baran Özçaylan, Zekeriya Tekin Kurtuluş, Mustafa Şevki Doğan
Vfx Works: Visual Effect, Opening Title, Logo
“The series ‘Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam’ is a television series that profoundly affects the audience with its breathtaking scenes, fast-paced movements, and adrenaline-filled moments. It aims to offer viewers a breathless viewing experience with rich visual effects and impressive conflict, explosion, and digital make-up scenes. For example, CGI technology was used in unique scenes, such as the accident scene where the truck fell off the cliff.
The 3D work done in these scenes provides an impressive atmosphere visually by increasing the effect of the scenes. Action-packed scenes and visual effects provide viewers with a fascinating experience. A professional team carefully designed visual effects following the series’ story. In this way, viewers are fully involved in the world of the series and witness extraordinary moments with a sense of reality. Visual effects are designed following the story and characters of the series. The opening credits were produced with our professional team to introduce the series to viewers in the best possible way.”