Production: Fark Film
Producer: Bahadır Özdener
Director: Onur Tan, Zübeyde Şaşmaz, Baran Özçaylan
Vfx Work: Visual Effects, Opening Title, Logo
“Eşkiya Dünya’ya Hükümdar Olmaz” is a television series that profoundly impresses viewers with its breathtaking scenes, fast-paced movements, and adrenaline-filled moments. It aims to offer a breathless viewing experience to the viewers with rich visual effects and impressive conflict, explosion, and digital make-up scenes. For example, CGI technology is used in memorable scenes like the accident scene where the truck falls off the cliff. The 3D works done in these scenes increase the impact of the scenes and create a visually impressive atmosphere. The action-packed scenes and visual effects provide a mesmerizing experience to the audience. A professional team carefully designed the visual effects to suit the series’ story. This way, the viewers fully immerse themselves in the world of the series and witness extraordinary moments with a sense of reality. The visual effects were designed to suit the story and the series’ characters. Our professional team did the opening credits to introduce the series to the viewers in the best way possible.